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About Me

‘I am a fully qualified counsellor and psychotherapist and an experienced coach with practices in the City and North West London.

As a psychodynamic psychotherapist and counsellor, I work both in private practice and the NHS. I help with a wide range of emotional or relationship difficulties, working one to one with adults of all ages, cultural backgrounds, genders and sexual orientations offering short-term and open-ended therapy.

I also work as a coach to help many people of varied ages, cultural backgrounds and genders who ‘feel stuck’ and are unsure of the best way to move forward.

My experience shows me we all have difficult feelings in one form or another whether this be deciding between different career or life paths or feeling anxious or depressed. It takes courage to acknowledge difficult emotions and then be willing to discuss them with another person. We may feel sad or totally overwhelmed and sometimes those feelings can cause pain and suffering for us and those around us. Life can be stressful and very rarely do we stop and take time for ourselves to explore our thoughts and feelings.

Giving yourself a chance to explore a deeper understanding and awareness of yourself in a safe, confidential space with a non-judgemental, listening coach and therapist can really help. Coming to understand your thoughts and feelings will help you to gain personal insight to move forward with your life.


  • Saying what I felt to Fiona made it real and helped me to process my emotions.  Looking at the patterns I kept repeating was really insightful.

  • Since working with Fiona I have gained a better understanding of my anxiety and as a result I feel more able to cope.

  • Fiona always retains a high degree of professionalism which puts her in a great position to provide robust and effective challenge. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to develop themselves to seek Fiona’s help to achieve this.

  • Fiona has made me realise that there are things that are possible now which before seemed insurmountable or a very distant prospect. I have realised that taking small steps will help me to get where I want to go - and if I turn off the path along the way to explore other routes, then that can be exciting.

  • Business coaching with Fiona has been challenging and illuminating, and each session has left me with both food for thought and concrete actions to keep me motivated.

  • Fiona has always had my best interests at heart and has listened to my needs. She helped me greatly in directing my thinking (as opposed to imposing her thinking) towards creating change which has proved immensely helpful to me.

  • I would like to update you on my progress – I got a new job as Head of Nursing and have just obtained my Masters degree receiving a distinction. Because of your good work, you allowed me to focus and look what happened.

  • Most people I work with experience an increased self-awareness and understanding of themselves.